A simple idea and concept is how Undercover Systems was created. In the 1990’s, two friends were relaxing and discussing how to use the space that was under their deck. They needed this area to be both dry and useable. Before long the interlocking panel system was put into place and created. Undercover Systems Inc. was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, and twenty years later it is still thriving.

What is an Underdeck?

An underdeck is commonly referred to the space underneath the deck. This is usually where lawn equipment is stored, but few ever consider this space as a living space. When I would go over to my friend’s house to visit we would sit underneath the deck and have a cold beer. One summer afternoon I went over to my friends and we started talking about how each of us would like to use this area for different purposes, but only if it could stay dry. When I left my friend’s house, all of this was still on my mind. I had a panel system fabricated with gutters, then we installed it onto his home. It was a sight to behold, and it worked. This area was completely dry. Before we knew it, we were installing this for all of our friends and family members. We had no idea that this was going to change our lives forever. We just created a new concept that we call the “underdeck.” We began marketing our new creation. In 1955, our business began to grow, and each and every year it grew and grew. We now have numerous licensed dealers installing our Undercover Systems across the United States.

Underdecks Benefits Compared to Our Competitors:

The Undercover Systems is the only engineered underdeck system that is patented. Ours is made with one purpose, and that is to keep the space underneath the deck dry so homeowners can extend their space into a functional, useable outdoor living space. We offer a lifetime warranty on every underdeck system that we create and provide. There are many competitors out there trying to duplicate our underdeck system, but none of them have even come close to our patented engineered system. Every homeowner will receive an exclusive lifetime warranty. You will be very happy and thrilled with the underdeck that we back it with our promise and guarantee.


There are a variety of benefits of having an underdeck system added to your home, which include:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Custom Made for Your Home
  • Quality
  • Dry
  • Outdoor Living Space
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Useable
  • Attractive
  • And much more…

How Long Can an Underdeck Last?

An underdeck will last a homeowner a lifetime. Undercover Systems provides a warranty that is good as long as you live in your home. Our competitors can’t offer this warranty.

Underdeck Types:

  • Galvanized Steel that is Hot Dipped – Approved by National and State deck codes
  • Vinyl – A DIY product. Isn’t as effective for drying under the deck.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is not approved metal for attaching underneath the deck due to the ‘galvanic reaction’ that occurs with the copper preservatives that is in pressure treated wood used for decks. The copper will destroy the aluminum, which is not recommended.


The cost is surprisingly reasonable. The underdeck system can be installed to any new or existing deck. The underdeck system is installed underneath the deck, which is how the cost is so affordable for the homeowner. When an underdeck system is added, the homeowner is gaining outdoor space that will add value to your home.