About Us

Undercover Systems is a premier Under Deck Ceiling that is patented to go underneath second level decks and waterproof the space under the deck while giving you a finished appearance at the same time. Once installed clients can enjoy this area for Kids, Grilling out, Pet space, Storage, Extra room, Hang out area, Play room, Screened in room, Hot Tub, Cigar room, Outdoor Man Cave, Weight room, Work shop Gardening area, Garage or Carport. The product does not attach to the deck while allowing for proper ventilation under the deck so the panels are completely removable for future access which could be to remove debris or even rebuild the deck. This patio cover also protects your home against Erosion under the deck, Splash back, and water leaking into the house. You can install Lighting, heaters, tvs, speakers, and any other type of electrical under the deck while the product is being installed or because the panels are removable after the deck has been installed as well.